Monday, 28 March 2016

How to Make Cable Program Motorola Mototrbo Xir M3688, CM20D , CM300D, Xpr 2500

In this article I just want to share about how to manufacture cables for Motorola MOTOTRBO radio program the XIR M3688, CM20D, CM300D, XPR 2500. Cable radio program is quite a bit hard in looking at Indonesia, and even if there is quite expensive ..or you can also check on .. yet it costs about USD35 shipping costs.

This radio programming via the microphone jack on the front, Make use 10pin RJ50 cable, not RJ45 cable 8Pin .   RJ45 not only in use for the microphone. The problem is there in the RJ50 socket ... Search everywhere can not, in bukalapak or Tokopedia also not there is a sale. Finally the former RJ45 connector, I modified to be used ... straight to the point you see the schematic and picture ......

Cable manufacture is very simple, simply provide Usb Cables. The former is not a problem. And RJ45 connector.
8pin RJ45 connectors have legs, so that the necessary additions to the left and right sides of the data lines, addition of the foot footprints I use wire components I Alteco glue or wire of any kind up to you. Wire ends are then soldered to connecting to the USB cable for data is the appropriate path Fig.
This cable does not need extra Other components, so directly connect the USB to RJ45 Modifications .... ENOUGH easy right ...

 for Software I use CPS version 11.2 (Build 604)  Download Here


Good try, All The Best to You, 73

NB: All test results for my own Experiment and Go Right, I do not Responsible If a problem occurs with your radio when you berexperiment in the manufacture of cables above .. thanks.