GENESIS GSDR™ v.1.1 Download

SDR Setup Genesis -software download untuk sdr yang masih menggunakan crystal pada LO nya , seperti Genesis 40, Micro SDR, dan lain-lain.

Based on open source code FlexRadio PowerSDR™

– dedicated configuration for Genesis mono/duo band transceivers G40,G80,G160 and G3020 and multiband G59 and G11
– new large PANAFALL™ display mode
– 99 store/recall memories
– independent TX and RX I/Q channel swap
– main screen optimized for two monitor configuration
– detailed 32x display zoom
– unique RX and TX image calibration

  1. Download and Install Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (x86)
  2. Download GENESIS POWER SDR v.1.1 (basic install)
  3. Update 1
  4. Update 2

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