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DDS VFO Features
~ S-Meter
~ 4 VFO
~ Mode USB & LSB
~ Rit
~ IF Setting ( Push & Hold Rotary encoder)
~ Step ( Push 1 time Rotary Encoder)
~ 4 Filter Band : 0-4 Mhz /4-8Mhz /8-16 Mhz /16-32Mhz ( Lo=0 / HI=+5V)

DDS VFO is very easy to make, easy to use ATMEGA8 IC on the market so it will not drain your pocket. Can be put on the radio BITX, BIXEN, BEO, Yaesu FT-180A, etc. In the schematic do not I include a series of switches to control the BPF, you can develop your own for that purpose.

File hex 20 X 4 HERE
File hex 16 X 2 model A HERE

All The Best to You, 73
NB: All the experimental results that I tested and run correctly, I am not responsible If there is a problem with your radio when you are experimenting on making the dds vfo … thank you.

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